Grief Counseling

Help people cope with the passing of loved ones and with challenges that arise from major life changes.


Christian Counseling

Explore the Christian approach to counseling and learn more about how to become a Christian Counselor.


Biblical Counseling

Learn to address the issues in the lives of individuals, couples and families through Biblical Counseling.

Choose Your Path...

There are several educational paths a person may take to become a Pastoral Counselor. In addition to having experience and training in the ministry, a pastoral counselor may have an educational background in religion, theology, christian counseling or the behavioral sciences. Explore the various degree programs that will prepare you for a career in pastoral counseling:

Careers in Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counselors serve clients in a variety of counseling settings, and establish ministries in places where clinical counselors seldom operate. Churches, prisons, industrial workplaces, corporate offices, hospitals, agencies of public safety, and even military combat zones are settings where pastoral counseling take place. Explore the many career options available to professionals entering the field of Pastoral Counseling: