Bachelors of Divinity

Most religious denominations require a student to have seven or eight years of post-secondary education before considering ordination, which makes Bachelor’s of Divinity a challenging undertaking. Consequently, programs are not as widespread as they once were. Should placement in a Bachelor of Divinity program become available, students can anticipate the following types of course material, similar to what is found at the Master’s level outlined elsewhere:

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of public speaking for religious purposes
  • Discovery of the foundations of building an engaging sermon
  • Understanding the church assembly and its dynamics
  • Empowering people and parishes through ongoing pastoral care
  • Basics of leadership
  • Survey of the Old Testament, including construction, history, themes, archetypes and influences
  • Survey of the Gospel, including historical timelines, characteristics of the Gospel writers, and cultural influences on writing
  • Jesus’ life as fact, as fiction, and as an archetypal model for counsel in the modern world
  • Introduction to the New Testament, including construction, history, themes, archetypes and influences
  • Influences of the Christian Bible from Jesus to present; understanding cultural and historical influences and contexts
  • Fostering fulfilling prayer life in self and others throughout a variety of settings
  • Global Christian history and development
  • Fostering spiritual growth and development
  • Survey of denominations and doctrine in North America and their influence on pastoral and urban cultures
  • History of North America from pre-industrialization to present day
  • Understanding and implementing the integral mission of Jesus in each follower
  • Building and living in communion with Christian communities
  • Understanding Christian ethics and their modern practice
  • Survey of women as spiritual directors and leaders
  • Christ’s message and its implications for international development and peace

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