PhD in Divinity

In contrast with a Doctorate degree in Theology, the Doctorate of Divinity is awarded to to those individuals who have devoted their life to acts of ministry in the name of Jesus. Institutions may opt to confer a Doctorate of Divinity to an individual, but the degree has no equivalence in academia. While one can apply for doctorate status, legitimate institutions may choose to award individuals with this title if they have done some of the following:

  • Contributed significantly to individual or cultural understandings of the life and works of Christ
  • Brought one or a number of people to the realization that God is the architect of humanity
  • Helped individuals understand the need to know and understand a personal manifestation of Jesus and through him, God
  • Contributed to ministerial teachings with a powerful message
  • Used another platform like politics, education, or human rights to help people understand God’s will for them
  • Acted as an architect of peace and goodwill between cultures
  • Acted in Christ’s name while engaging in acts that were in opposition to the ruling political or social climate of the day
  • Aided those who needed charitable or spiritual works
  • Engaged in labors of love for Christianity
  • Became a martyr for Christianity or Christian beliefs

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